Frequently Asked Question

To accommodate our active waiting list, and limited number of private cabins available our programs begin on Tuesdays for all of our retreats. Check-out is at 11am, but we do invite you to take advantage of our outdoor spaces, luggage storage and showers if you choose to relax a bit longer due to flight delays and the like.

Our check-in time is at 4pm. We ask that no guests arrive before 2 p.m. please. It takes us a good bit of time to ready our program for guests. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes, each cabin has it’s own private eco toilet and we have 2 brand new bathrooms for guests to share during their stay. Our entire program is all about getting back to nature, back to that state of simplicity and relaxation where you can wake up to the birds singing and dose off to crickets & other wildlife all in the comfort of your brand-new tiny cabin.

We are located within 20 minutes of the beaches in San Marcos, California. You’re receipt will have all of the details.

We are a small boutique style retreat on a residential 2-acre estate that can accommodate up to 7 guests if two guests are sharing an accommodation. Our shared brand new tiny cabins have 2 twin beds. Our Luxury travel RV can accommodate up to 3 guests comfortably with a queen size bed, full size bed, and a bunk bed that offers a full size bed and a twin bed. We will only rent out the Luxury RV to guests who know one another.

Many guests travel alone, which is a fantastic way to truly retreat and heal in peace. Our team will make sure you are well looked after whether you choose a solitary retreat or the company of others. Our retreat is a wonderful place to establish friendships, connect with others, or simply surrender with time to nurture and contemplate.

Most are not. Our fast is tried & true so it works. If you follow the program you will be drinking every 60-90 minutes which satisfies the body’s need for intake Most of our guests are not hungry at all. They sometimes miss eating, but the nutrition in the fast is designed to avoid this. Our organic farm to juice is especially helpful in giving you a feeling of fullness. However, if you are still hungry, please let us know so we can review your program. Remember, you are receiving all of the nutrients you need in liquid form during your cleanse.

The majority of our guests successfully continue on with their prescribed medication while completing our program. Please consult with your prescribing physician should you have any questions regarding your medication because we are not Doctors and will not give you medical advice. In regards to supplements you may be taking, we ask that you refrain from taking any additional supplements other than those given during our program as our plan has been carefully designed and includes everything you need for a successful cleanse.

We have found that on average, our guests lose 1-3 pounds per day – based on individual metabolism. Men often lose more quickly. The program is not designed for weight loss but the release of toxic waste and the effect on your metabolism positively affects weight loss.

Our team prepares a nutritious Organic green salad for you to take on the plane or to eat prior to departure. Should you require additional food for your journey, we will provide you with a list of local healthy and organic options in the area.

Increased energy, vitality, and calmness due to our natural environment backing to the woods and mountains. Many guests report an increased clarity and alertness, clearer skin and brighter eyes.  Your sleep schedule will have noticeably improved. Many of our guests eliminate their dependencies on caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and other substances.

Yes, all of our products are gluten free. We do have wheatgrass juice in one of our products, but we are able to offer substitutions if necessary.

We have many guests with food allergies and sensitivities. Please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can have any modifications prepared for your juices in advance.

If cancelled within 30 days of your arrival date, we will issue a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee to process the refund and pay our credit card merchant. A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required to book a stay with us. The full balance (program rate and tax, no treatments or services) due will be charged FOURTEE (14) days prior to the arrival date. If we are unable to charge the card on file, and you do not provide another, your spot will be given to another guest and no refund will be issued because we saved that spot for you especially.  Thanks for understanding.