"Let food be thy
medicine and

medicine be thy food"

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We Offer Juice Cleanse Retreats & Christian Retreats in Pinehurst, NC and San Diego, CA. Our California Retreats are held on a private 2 acre estate that backs to a forest and just 15 minutes east of the Carlsbad beaches. Accommodations are NEW Private Stand Alone Bedrooms  & Belle Tents located in an upscale safe area with several hiking trails, nearby entertainment for rock climbing, bowling, farmer markets, etc.. Our food & cold-pressed juices are all Organic & Farm to Table. Our Family is very Welcoming with Great Vibes, so we’re told.:) It’s an all around wonderful time and we’re blessed to be able to offer it. 

Our Pinehurst, NC Retreats offer Lake Kayaking, an Architectural Tour through towns from the 1800’s, Yoga, Stretch Classes, Fitness Classes, Breakfast & Lunch, Hiking & Bike Riding all in a picturesque setting among the North Carolina Pine Trees. Our Pinehurst Retreats are offered in the Summer and Fall so you will need to book those stays by calling us for dates we are offering and what is available. We are Pet Friendly too:)

We offer Organic Keto Options and an Organic Juice Cleanse that are both Tried & True. If you follow our plan you will Succeed in Rejuvenating Your Mind & Body to it’s Optimum State . We offer a Salt Water Pool, Relaxation Pond, Zen Garden, Luxury Hot Tub, Sauna w/Red Light Therapy, View Decks with Hammocks so you can relax while you listen to the wild life, owls, crickets, frogs, and occasionally see deer, peaceful & beautiful, just the way God intended. – Angel

Daily Organic Cold Pressed Juices or Organic Keto Meals

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Benefits of Liquid
Nutrition ORGANIC

Considering our juice cleanse? Giving your system a break from traditional solid foods, allows your body to perform at it’s peak performance freeing up the energy required to break down and digest those foods. This extra energy then powers the five organs of detoxification – skin, lungs, kidney, colon, and liver– allowing your body to release and remove waste and toxins.

Drinking Organic nutrient rich foods in the form of liquid nutrition will flood your body with vital micronutrients. Our juices are all made from our Organic Home Garden ensuring the best quality nutrition you can find which quickly absorbs the immune boosting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the bloodstream and delivers them where they are most needed. You should NEVER do a juice cleanse with non organic ingredients because you can do more damage than good given all the pesticides that are sprayed on food today.

hello there!

Welcome to
Live Healthy Retreats

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Juice Fasting Retreats & Christian Retreats

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just minutes from the beaches.

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Mostly Asked

To accommodate our active waiting list, and limited number of private cabins available our programs begin on Tuesdays for all of our retreats. Check-out is at 11am, but we do invite you to take advantage of our outdoor spaces, luggage storage and showers if you choose to relax a bit longer due to flight delays and the like.

Our check-in time is at 4pm. We ask that no guests arrive before 2 p.m. please. It takes us a good bit of time to ready our program for guests. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes, each cabin has it’s own private eco toilet and we have 2 brand new bathrooms for guests to share during their stay. Our entire program is all about getting back to nature, back to that state of simplicity and relaxation where you can wake up to the birds singing and dose off to crickets & other wildlife all in the comfort of your brand-new tiny cabin.

The majority of our guests successfully continue on with their prescribed medication while completing our program. Please consult with your prescribing physician should you have any questions regarding your medication because we are not Doctors and will not give you medical advice. In regards to supplements you may be taking, we ask that you refrain from taking any additional supplements other than those given during our program as our plan has been carefully designed and includes everything you need for a successful cleanse.

We have found that on average, our guests lose 1-3 pounds per day – based on individual metabolism. Men often lose more quickly. The program is not designed for weight loss but the release of toxic waste and the effect on your metabolism positively affects weight loss.

Our team prepares a nutritious Organic green salad for you to take on the plane or to eat prior to departure. Should you require additional food for your journey, we will provide you with a list of local healthy and organic options in the area.